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Red Light Tickets Lawyer in NY

Red light violations are a serious matter in New York City, given the city's commitment to road safety. Falling under NY violation codes such as VTL 1111(d)(1), running a red light can lead not only to hefty fines but also to points on one's driving record. In the bustling streets of NYC, where traffic signals play a pivotal role in regulating the flow of vehicles and ensuring pedestrian safety, such infractions are closely monitored.

When faced with a red light ticket, many motorists turn to James Medows, a prominent traffic ticket lawyer in the city. With a nuanced understanding of NYC's traffic laws and violation codes, Medows provides expert guidance and defense for those contending with red light tickets. His legal acumen has been a vital asset for countless drivers seeking a just resolution in the city's stringent traffic courts.

How do you normally get a red light ticket in New York?

In New York (NY), red light tickets can be issued in two primary ways:

Officer-Issued Red Light Tickets:

  • If a law enforcement officer observes a motorist running a red light, the officer can pull over the driver and issue a ticket.
  • This type of ticket typically requires the motorist to answer by either pleading guilty or not guilty and may result in points on the driver's license if convicted.

Automated Red Light Camera Tickets:

  • NYC has an extensive system of red light cameras at various intersections throughout the city.
  • These cameras automatically capture the license plate of any vehicle that enters an intersection after the light has turned red.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle will receive a Notice of Liability (NOL) in the mail with a fine but no points assessed against their driving record.
  • These tickets include photographs of the vehicle at the moment it allegedly ran the red light, as well as a link to view the violation online.

A few things to note about red light tickets in NYC:

  • The fine for running a red light detected by an officer can be higher than that of a camera ticket, and it can also lead to points on your driver's license.
  • Automated red light camera tickets are treated more like parking tickets; they do not result in points on the driver's license, but failure to pay can lead to increased fines.
  • If a motorist believes they did not run the red light, they have the option to challenge the ticket in court or through the NYC Department of Finance for camera violations.
  • Red light camera violations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, not the driver. This means that even if you weren't driving when the violation occurred, as the registered owner, you're still responsible for the fine.
  • In certain situations, like making a right turn on red where it's legal or passing through the intersection during a yellow light, a motorist should not receive a ticket. If a ticket is issued in these cases, the driver has grounds to challenge it.

Overall, red light tickets in NYC are meant to enhance road safety by deterring dangerous driving behaviors at intersections.


Whether it's worth challenging a red light ticket in NYC depends on the circumstances surrounding the ticket and individual priorities. Here are some factors to consider:

Type of Ticket:

  • Officer-Issued Ticket: This type of ticket can lead to points on your driver's license, and accumulating 11 points within an 18-month period can lead to a suspension of your license. If you already have points on your license or are at risk of reaching the limit, challenging the ticket might be beneficial.
  • Camera-Issued Ticket: These tickets don't result in points on your license; they're more like fines. If you're certain you didn't commit the violation or there was an error, you might consider contesting it.


  • If you have evidence that you didn't run the red light (e.g., dashcam footage or eyewitness accounts), this can significantly strengthen your case.
  • Check the photos or video provided by the red light camera system. Sometimes they can show that you were in the intersection on a yellow light or that there were other circumstances that justify your actions.

Cost Considerations:

  • Weigh the cost of the ticket against potential legal fees (if hiring a lawyer) and the value of your time (if you decide to contest the ticket yourself).
  • Remember that successful challenges can save money in the long run by avoiding increased insurance premiums.

Errors & Technicalities:

  • Mistakes happen. Maybe the ticket was issued to the wrong person or vehicle. Perhaps the red light camera was malfunctioning. Check all details thoroughly.
  • There are also specific requirements for how red light camera programs must be operated. If you find that any of these weren't followed, you might have grounds to challenge the ticket.

Time & Effort:

  • Understand that challenging a ticket requires time and effort. You'll need to prepare your case, gather evidence, and potentially make one or more court appearances.

Potential Outcomes:

  • Even if you can't get the ticket fully dismissed, you might be able to have the fine reduced or the points lowered.

Moral or Principled Stand:

  • For some people, challenging a ticket is less about potential outcomes and more about feeling that they've been unjustly penalized. If you genuinely believe you were in the right, this might be reason enough to contest the ticket.

In summary, whether it's worth challenging a red light ticket in NYC is a personal decision based on your unique circumstances, priorities, and the potential benefits versus the costs. If unsure, consulting with a traffic lawyer can provide clarity.