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At the Law Office of James Medows, your case will be handled by a skilled New York traffic ticket lawyer. Whether its a speeding ticket or another violation, we are committed to fight traffic tickets vigorously to ensure your rights are protected. Our goal is straightforward: tickets dismissed, keeping your record clean and preventing costly consequences. Rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities of traffic law and secure the best possible outcome for you.

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Our law firm, staffed with experienced attorneys, has helped thousands of customers win their traffic ticket cases in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, the Hamptons, and Upstate New York. Whether it's a parking violation or a more complex case, our lawyers strive for the finest result. Our clients trust us to provide accurate and honest information throughout the process, and we offer a free consultation to start addressing your concerns right away. See our hundreds of reviews on Google, Avvo & Yelp to understand the impact of our dedicated legal service.
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At the Law Office of James Medows, our goal is to provide great legal representation without sacrificing customer service, offering a no obligation consultation to all prospective clients. We represent clients across a spectrum of traffic-related issues, from moving violations to more serious concerns like a suspended license. Having represented tens of thousands of clients over the years, we recognize that each case is unique, with individual wants and needs. Rest assured, we are committed to doing our utmost to achieve the best possible results for your traffic ticket and broader legal needs.
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Satisfied clients

Our satisfied clients often share stories of success where their court date turned into a moment of relief. Many have seen steep fines reduced or even avoided altogether, thanks to our teams efforts to get their ticket reduced. They frequently highlight how our extremely professional approach not only brought them favorable outcomes but also provided peace of mind during what can be a stressful process.

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James is a one of a kind attorney! It was great working with him. He explains everything in a way that is impossible to not understand. My case was dismissed for a traffic ticket I unlawfully received. Hire him as a lawyer and you won’t regret it!

- George J.


Excellent service. Reliable and easy to work with. Truly has the clients best interest in mind. Staff are amazing. They keep you very informed. Very fair pricing for the amazing work he does. Would call him in a heartbeat and highly recommend using him if needed.

- Danny Novak


James and his team are amazing. He’s very serious about his line of work. He is honest with you from the start, he tells you the possible outcomes and fights to succeed. Had a SPEED IN ZONE 31+ ticket, which comes with 11 points and lost of license.

- Shqipton Haxhiu


Highly recommend!! James got me out of an 8 point ticket, I was in shock! Great communicatio, everything was so quick and easy. Best traffic lawyer I’ve had by far. Definitely go to James for any of your traffic related tickets. Thanks again James.

- Joseph Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I fight my traffic ticket?
If you are found guilty, you will get points on your license which will cause your insurance to rise for the next 3 years. .
Should I fight my traffic ticket case if I really am guilty?
Yes! Just because you did it does not mean that you should be found guilty! You may be able to get your charges dismissed or reduced, get the points on your driving record reduced or waived altogether. You may also be able to avoid paying a fine or save money by paying a lesser fine. Fighting the ticket can help to protect your driving record and your insurance rates.
How can a New York traffic lawyer help?
Traffic court is tough! The rules were created by the DMV for the DMV to win so that New York State takes even more money from you (as if taxes and the cost of living in New York wasn’t enough!). If you don’t know the rules of the court, how do you expect to win? Hiring a lawyer increases your odds of success.
Why should I hire your firm?
If you seek an easy and straightforward process for fighting your ticket, then the Law Office of James Medows is the perfect choice. Our values are centered around simplification. We believe in hard work for the client, transparency with each client, honoring our commitments to our clients and most importantly, providing honest communication, even if it's bad news to the client. Our goal is to win and for you to tell your friends and family about our firm. Please look at our hundreds of online reviews.
Why shouldn’t I just plead guilty?
Just because you are guilty doesn’t mean you should be found guilty! In order to steer clear of points, fines, surcharges, maintain low insurance rates, and protect your driving privileges, fighting your traffic ticket is essential. Additionally, if you waive the white flag and plead guilty, you are subject to an additional fee known as a “Driver's Responsibility Assessment Fee”.
Do I have to appear in court if I hire your firm?
No. In most cases, we can handle your case without requiring you to appear in court or disrupt your busy schedule. Once you hire our office, you set it and forget it and our office appears on your behalf. Our primary objective is to make the process of fighting your case as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.
Should I fight my case if I really am guilty?
Yes. Fighting your ticket is essential because the burden of proof lies with the People, not you, and you have the right to remain silent. Many times, we win our client’s case because the People cannot meet its burden, and in other instances, we negotiate favorable deals. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, fighting your ticket is the best way to pursue a more favorable result, adopting the mindset of “going down swinging like Babe Ruth” vs. “striking out” like Carlos Beltran. If you don't fight your case then you will be found guilty.
Do points or convictions transfer from other states or provinces?
No. New York State does not add points for out-of-state traffic convictions, however, your insurance may still be affected. You should always contact your state’s DMV and speak with your insurance company about consequences of a guilty verdict in New York.
Will a New York conviction transfer to my out-of-state license?
It depends on your home state's reciprocity agreement with New York. Some states may add points or penalties for NY convictions. You should contact your state’s DMV and your insurance company to confirm what consequences may occur by pleading guilty to a New York State traffic violation.
Does this firm help professional drivers?
Absolutely! We represent commercial drivers, TLC drivers, MTA drivers and other individuals who depend on their license for their livelihood. Professional drivers often face stricter penalties for violations, making legal representation even more crucial. If driving is your source of income, you should hire a skilled lawyer to protect your record.
Do you represent corporations for their truck/equipment violations?
Yes. We represent corporations for their vehicles at both the DMV and criminal court and even offer fleet discounts.
What is the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee?
The Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee is a tax on drivers who accumulate too many points within a period of time. If you accumulate 6 or more points in an 18 month period, the DMV will assess you at $300 for the first 6 points and $75 for every point thereafter.
Do I have to pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee if I am an out-of-state license holder?
Yes. New York State does not discriminate if you are an out-of-state-license holder and will still take your money even if you have an out of state drivers license.
Do you offer discounts for US Military Service Members?
Yes. We applaud the brave service of our troops and proudly offer a discount for active military and our veterans.

The most popular traffic ticket violations in NY

Disclaimer: Please note that Attorney James Medows does not provide legal services for camera tickets, EZ Pass violations, parking infractions, or TLC violations.

If you're facing traffic violations in New York, it's important to understand the point system and the potential consequences of accumulating too many points on your license. Here are some examples of how different offenses can affect your points:

  • Speeding violations: In NY speeding violation can result in fines, points on your driver's license, and even jail time. The amount of the fine and the number of points you receive for speeding will depend on how fast you were going and where you were driving. If you are caught speeding, it is important to contact a traffic lawyer to discuss your options. It can carry a penalty of 3 to 11 points.
  • Cell Phone Violations: If you're caught using a cell phone or other electronic device while driving, whether it's for texting or calling, you'll receive five points on your license.
  • Reckless Driving: If you're convicted of reckless driving, you'll receive five points on your license. Other similar offenses, such as driving in the wrong direction or leaving the scene of an accident that causes property damage, carry a penalty of three points.
  • Careless Driving: Common offenses like following too closely, failing to maintain brakes, or not following traffic rules can result in four-point penalties. Even seemingly minor violations like failing to stop at a stop sign or improperly yielding the right of way can result in three points.
  • Disobey traffic device: Disobeying a traffic device in NY is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1110. The fine for disobeying a traffic device in NY results in at-least 2 points.

Accumulating too many points on your license can have serious consequences, including increased insurance premiums and the possibility of being dropped as a high-risk driver. That's why it's important to work with an experienced traffic lawyer like James Medows, who can analyze your situation and develop a strategy to keep your point total within acceptable levels.

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