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Brooklyn Traffic Courts and Criminal Courts Attorney Near Me

Safeguard Your Driving Record in Brooklyn, NY: James Medows, Premier Traffic Attorney at Your Service Brooklyn, New York: Navigating the unique and bustling streets of Brooklyn requires utmost care, yet even the most prudent drivers can occasionally be presented with a traffic ticket. Before you hastily clear that fine or consider the issue settled, it's paramount to understand the deeper repercussions of such tickets and how James Medows, a leading Brooklyn traffic ticket attorney, can play a crucial role in preserving your driving rights.

Traffic Tickets in Brooklyn: Not Just a One-Time Fee

When you're handed a traffic ticket in Brooklyn, the implications go far beyond an on-the-spot fine:

  • Rise in Insurance Costs: A traffic ticket isn’t merely an immediate financial setback; it can lead to a notable increase in your monthly car insurance premiums, affecting your budget long-term.
  • Persistent License Points: Points from traffic infractions don’t just disappear in a short span. They linger on your license for extended periods, jeopardizing your driving status with each addition.
  • Obligatory Defensive Driving Courses: Though potentially beneficial, these courses mandate a significant time investment and typically come with their own set of fees.
  • Wider Family Impact: An often overlooked side effect is the potential surge in insurance rates for your family members, particularly if you have a shared policy. Your singular traffic ticket can have broader consequences.

Why James Medows is the Choice Near Brooklyn

Dealing with traffic violations demands the expertise of someone well-versed in Brooklyn's legal landscape:

  • Unmatched Local Knowledge: Brooklyn isn't just a location for James; it's his specialist arena. He's intimately familiar with its specific legal intricacies.
  • Tailored Defense Approaches: Every traffic ticket has its narrative, and James ensures that your particular situation is always front and center in your defense strategy.
  • Relentless Advocacy for Your Rights: Being given a ticket doesn't automatically label you as in the wrong. James is steadfast in ensuring your rights are protected throughout.
  • Transparent Communication: Traffic regulations can be confusing. James prioritizes making sure you're thoroughly briefed on your case and its potential implications.

A Single Traffic Ticket Can Alter Your Driving Trajectory

What may seem like a minor inconvenience now can have long-standing repercussions for both you and your loved ones. With James Medows as your trusted Brooklyn traffic ticket attorney, you position yourself for optimal results.

Engage with James Medows Today

If Brooklyn has thrown a traffic ticket curveball your way, don't delay. Contact James Medows for an in-depth consultation. Together, we'll navigate the road to securing your driving future.

The most popular traffic ticket violations in NY

Disclaimer: Please note that Attorney James Medows does not provide legal services for camera tickets, EZ Pass violations, parking infractions, or TLC violations.

If you’re facing traffic violations in New York, it’s important to understand the point system and the potential consequences of accumulating too many points on your license. Here are some examples of how different offenses can affect your points:

  • Speeding violations: In NY speeding violation can result in fines, points on your driver’s license, and even jail time. The amount of the fine and the number of points you receive for speeding will depend on how fast you were going and where you were driving. If you are caught speeding, it is important to contact a traffic lawyer to discuss your options. It can carry a penalty of 3 to 11 points.
  • Cell Phone Violations: If you’re caught using a cell phone or other electronic device while driving, whether it’s for texting or calling, you’ll receive five points on your license.
  • Reckless Driving: If you’re convicted of reckless driving, you’ll receive five points on your license. Other similar offenses, such as driving in the wrong direction or leaving the scene of an accident that causes property damage, carry a penalty of three points.
  • Careless Driving: Common offenses like following too closely, failing to maintain brakes, or not following traffic rules can result in four-point penalties. Even seemingly minor violations like failing to stop at a stop sign or improperly yielding the right of way can result in three points.
  • Disobey traffic device: Disobeying a traffic device in NY is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1110. The fine for disobeying a traffic device in NY results in at-least 2 points.

Accumulating too many points on your license can have serious consequences, including increased insurance premiums and the possibility of being dropped as a high-risk driver. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced traffic lawyer like James Medows, who can analyze your situation and develop a strategy to keep your point total within acceptable levels.